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Anime Nerd Shop – Your Destination for the Anime Universe!

Our Passion for Japanese Animation:
We are Anime Nerd Shop, a passionate business based in Prato, Italy. Our main passion is Japanese animation, and we are dedicated to bringing the magic of anime directly to you, dear fans.

Direct Imports from Japan:
Our history is characterized by our love for Japan, which allows us to directly import unique items, including some rare pieces, to enrich your collection. In addition to imports, we collaborate with other suppliers to make sure we have the latest arrivals of your favorite animated series.

A Wide Selection of Action Figures and Figures:
Our journey begins with discovering Japanese animation and realizing the potential to bring it to our community. We decided to share this passion with you by creating a wide range of action figures and figures covering a wide range of anime series, movies, and video games.

From the Classic to the Latest Release:
Whether you are a fan of timeless classics or the latest releases, we try to satisfy every desire. Our hallmark is our attention to detail and search for the unique and rare pieces. With a direct connection to Japan, we strive to find and import items that are hard to find elsewhere. For us, this is an exciting journey to find hidden treasures for our passionate collectors.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority:
What makes us truly happy is knowing that we are meeting your needs and desires. That’s why we strive to offer high quality, authentic products that are true to beloved characters. Your smile and satisfaction are our top priority.

A Community of Enthusiasts:
Anime Nerd Shop is not just a store, but a community of fans like us. We enjoy sharing this common passion through our social media channels and our blog, where we can connect and discuss the latest in the anime universe together.

An Invitation to Discover the Anime Universe:
So, we welcome you to this amazing journey into the world of anime. We are excited to share with you our love and enthusiasm for Japanese animation. You are invited to explore our extensive catalog and be a part of this fantastic adventure with us.

Thank you for your Support:
Thank you for choosing us and for your continued support. We are Anime Nerd Shop, and this is our shared passion!